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"But, said Alice, if the world has absolutely no sense, who's stopping us from inventing one?"
Alice in Wonderland

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We are a human scale and independent communications agency.
We create live and digital communications strategies.
They become events, interactive experiences, stands, temporary or permanent installations.
Thus, we create and produce an extensive range of meeting places.

We are driven by several fundamental beliefs:

Storytelling is the backbone of any messaging approach. It must be heard and perceived by targets as diverse as a brand’s employees, consumers and influencers. Translating a story into a memorable experience is a complex exercise – and we love complexity!


    Apparently, some things just can’t be explained. And yet a deep understanding of brands’ environment, conditions the best possible advice and support. That’s why our curiosity knows no bounds.


    We dream, innovate and grow with our clients. In fact, we owe them a great deal! The co-construction processes we have conducted with some of them have led to our most accomplished achievements.


    Copy and paste is a handy tool, but it’s not our cup of tea! Our projects are unique because they are hand-crafted to each brand’s needs. You won’t see us trying to sell any off-the-peg solutions!


    “La Villa” is like a dating site: we spend a lot of time scouting out or taming talent in all disciplines. We are capable of working with and coordinating both leading names and high potential up-and-comers – and that’s probably one of our best talents!


    Let’s be honest: we might be able to tell some fantastic stories, but it’s not (only) for the fun of it. The efficiency of what we create is both measurable and long-lasting.


    …we consider our client’s issues to be seriously important; but taking things seriously at work doesn’t mean taking ourselves too seriously.

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          Contact Us

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          92240 Malakoff FR

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